July 31, 2014

People Strategies For Business Growth

Tandem Partners is an organization development firm specializing in people strategies that drive results for private companies and family enterprises. We initiate and manage change, develop leaders and teams, and help organizations achieve long-term, sustainable results. Our goal is to find a starting point and encourage dialogue in order to move your business forward.

Leader’s Digest


The Four Freedoms Of Business

Though the United States was founded on deeply held beliefs on freedom, individuals an institutions have not always perfectly embodied the ideal. In business, as in life, not everything has to be about the bottom line. It … [Read More...]


Five Ways To Show Empathy As A Leader

A new survey has found that, far from being a weakness, empathy is a necessary quality in a good leader. After all, being able to put yourself in someone else's shoes and understand things from their perspective is often the … [Read More...]